Make Time For Memories


The holiday season is upon us and boy does it move fast!  It’s funny how a time marked by the joy of seeing family and friends can become so stressful and busy.  Many days are reduced to checking off items from a list, rather than enjoying the people we care about. How can we prevent this season from rushing by in a blur? The answer is a deliberate strategy to carve out a few moments each day to stop and take a breath. These times are more available than you might think. While standing in line at Starbucks or sitting in holiday traffic we can use these moments to ponder the things we are grateful for and the people who mean so much. It’s the perfect time to remember what is important.

These thoughts are what inspired our Home and Family Collection, and what makes our Christmas Joy shadowbox so special. We know how easy it is to miss moments we can’t get back, or how exhaustion prevents us from truly being present and engaged. Our shadowboxes are a reminder of what we Believe, who we are as a Family, and that Joy can be found in each and every day.  Join us in an effort to live the Peace and Joy of the season. Browse our collections to find a shadowbox that reflects the best times of your holiday season.